Simon Hammond's citationsIn general, my research interests lie in modelling self-adaptive systems, particularly those which support the spontaneous emergence of complex, adaptive structures.

Evolutionary Algorithms

In 2007 I took a PhD in computer science from the University of Birmingham in the area of evolutionary computation under the supervision of Prof. Xin Yao: Adaptive Scaling of Evolvable Systems. An outcome of this research was an algorithm for solving hard optimisation problems via scale-free coevolution.
I went on to research the potential of this model to produce aesthetically pleasing abstract designs with the ImageBreeder online project.

Modelling social networks

From around 2002 to 2008 I experimented with a mobile status-posting application called Bodtracker/Bodder. My interest was in exploring the potential of expanded, real-time social awareness. To this end I implemented crowds, circles, channels and photo uploads.

Adaptive Online Learning

Making online learning more adaptive was a goal of the STACK project for which I provided e technical lead from 2008. It used a computer algebra system to pose advanced mathematical questions to undergraduates in an open-ended way and intelligently process their answers for rich, specific feedback.


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