Interactive Advertising or Pimping Your Interests

I’m being stalked by an advert. Wherever I go on the webs I keep seeing accessories for my new phone being flashed in front of me (that’s HTC Desire stuff from Mobile Fun enabled by Google AdSense in case you wondered).

It’s really my own fault for repeatedly clicking through and clueing them in that right now I’m ready for a spare battery, protective case or memory card. The only surprise is that I don’t see more ads like this. In contrast, when I skip away to see if I can get away with ‘clueing‘ I see an advert for a flat belly method crudely illustrated by a shrinking blonde in a bikini. That’s a waste of space, loss of potential revenue and adds absolutely nothing to my day.

So, I would make the following deal with Google. In return for accurate and up-to-date marketing opportunity information about myself, I want a piece of the action: give me cashback on purchases I make after clicking through. A bit like Quidco but smarter, better informed and ever-present.

I could probably engineer the above with AdSense on my own site if it wasn’t explicitly against program policies. Digging a little deeper, Google does encourage me as a user to edit my interest categories but this is hardly advertised and it’s extra work for me with not much incentive. Moreover, it doesn’t get as specific as the mobile phone I recently bought and am buying accessories for. That inference is obviously being made by Mobile Fun themselves from my cookie number but, unlike the big G, they don’t let me see or control what they know about me.

C’mon Google – deal me in with your targeted ads and I’ll make sure they stay super relevant. If you don’t then Facebook or someone else surely will…

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