Golden iPhone apps

The golden goose of the iPhone that I’m reluctantly posting off to Mazuma today is the third-party app store. I’d like to give special mention now to a few apps that will be sorely missed as I nip over the fence to Android.

Awesome Note

Makes the native notes app look like a phone number scrawled on a bus ticket wrapped around piece of gum. Awesome Note is not just massively functional with folders, views, synchronisation (Google Docs + Evernote), passcodes and embedded pics/maps but also very gorgeous. Notebooks should allow a little personalisation and this does it. *sigh*


I consume content via Google Reader and Reeder makes snacking very tidy. It’s supremely streamlined with all the sharing features, hooking up to Delicious, Twitter and Instapaper. Synchronisation is very handy and includes pics – ideal for catching up with Flickr activity. Great when you are abroad and just want to stock up from a wifi zone. *sniff*


Rather than trying to be more than a cameraphone, Hipstamatic revels in the lo-fi. It doesn’t let you really see what you get until it’s done messing the picture up. With the recent addition of geotagging there’s a very good case for putting the native iPhone app under the patio. I love it, as my recent glut on Flickr will attest. *tear*

GeoDefense Swarm

If the measure of a game’s addictiveness is the number of times you reinstall it after deleting it for being so disruptively addictive then GeoDefense Swarm is very addictive indeed. It’s tower defense distilled down to it’s purest form with abstract – yet massively over-stimulating – graphics and sound. Scaling the long trail of seemingly impossible challenges sucked hours our of my life.  A built-in clock (or, better, alarm) would be a useful safety feature.  *relief*

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