Blogging Away

If you are seeing this, then you may have noticed a slight shift in my blogging attitude.

On the surface, I’ve finally made the blog the trunk of my online presence rather than an arm, i.e. stripped the /blog part.  This is currently at with to follow nicely later.  Snappier and all that, although I’m still sweeping up.

Behind the scenes, I’ve moved the blog onto hosting rather than running WordPress on my own web hosting.  I resisted this for a long time, partly because it didn’t have quite the flexibility I wanted and partly because I wanted to ‘own’ my blog — whatever that means.

Then I realised by lingering on my own hosting, my blog was my social media anomaly.   My mail, photos, bookmarks and status updates have long since emigrated to proprietary third parties.  Dedicated specialists do a much better job than I can in maintaining and extending them.  I’d rather focus on the content.

The key thing is not really who maintains the infrastructure but who controls access to the content.  This means not just being able to export the content but also minimise disruption from broken links and disused spaces.  A WordPress site under a domain name I own is ideal in this respect.

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