Jyri update on Jaiku

Though not usually a re-blogger, I can’t resist jabbing my finger at this.

It’s an blogged update from Jyri Engeström, a co-founder of Jaiku (the micro-blogging service that Google bought). The wtf news is that Jaiku has been a 20% project up until now, with the sweetener:

In spite of the decision to not throw resources at building Jaiku into an independent Web brand, recall that the acquisition announcement stated that “Activity streams and mobile presence are important areas where we believe Google can add a lot of value for users.” Of course this statement still holds true, and you can bet your Android that there are completely new Wow!’s in store.

I wish – but I’m waiting to see.  Google’s track record in producing social software ain’t so great.  The single point that is worth reading again and again until you feel it’s wisdom in each of your 140 chars is below:

This is a step in the direction we all want to go: away from the tyranny of silos towards freely interoperable social networks. People should be able to post and follow status updates across servers just like they send email. No single service, no matter how large and powerful, is the platform. The Web is the platform.

Yet… we need a demonstration.  It’s not enough to produce a framework: you need a game-changing app to convince.  Can the Android-ecosystem come up with the goods in the new year?  Fingers crossed.

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