1000+ things

Having to cut back on my whimsical surfing lately has forced me to face a problem you may well share.

There is more online stuff that I would love to partake of than I could ever conceive of doing so.  Shared items from social networks, blogs and recommendation engines only swell this ‘fire hose’.  Declaring ‘bankruptcy’ on email/feeds by marking all as read only throws the baby out with the bathwater and should only be a last resort.

Therefore, given I only have a finite amount of time, I have to be prepared to selectively trim my sources.  If I don’t then I am handling important stuff with the regard as the fluff and sampling everything at random.  You can call this process prioritisation or just cutting out the crap.

My target is 1-2 hours a day.  In this time I’m aiming to respond to all email, read all essential blogs/subs and get the latest stories on the social feeds.  I’ll have to continuously refine my ‘diet’, dropping some things as I add others.   Maybe this comes naturally for some people but I expect a challenge in curbing my appetite.  I’ll post any lessons if I can fit them into my regime.

It may sound severe but the goal is more fun all round.  Other people will be happy since I’ll be more responsive and sociable.  I’ll be happy because I’ll have focussed my online attention on the stuff that’s important to me whilst consciously bounding my online activities to make time for talking, reading, visiting, drinking, thinking, snapping, writing, creating, listening, playing…

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