iPhone Facebook App

I don’t own an iPhone (woefully) and I’m only an occasional Facebooker, so I’m just squatting here on the fringe and speculating. But the latest post on the Facebook blog seems somewhat significant.

It notes that 1.5 million people regularly use the Facebook iPhone website since it launched a year ago. Then it announces a Facebook Application for the iPhone (see left) which — along with a speed increase — features instant photo uploads and live chat. Location sharing is in the pipeline.

This puts Facebook ahead of Google’s Jaiku in the mobile social network stakes for now.  Both have converged on the ‘status stream’ model which has massive room for innovation.

For instance, I can see Google allowing posts to reference places in Google Map. If your friend is at a bar, Google will want to show you where that is.

Facebook will take a big step forward when it allows the targeting of updates to specific circles of friends (like plurk). A lot of diversity in your recipients is a natural consequence of a general social network (rather than a niche one like Twitter) but is damn inhibiting.

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