I’ve been doing this thing for a while now where I take rough notes with my mobile camera.  Whiteboards, opening hours and witty notices are prime targets for my 5 megapixel N80.  I thought this was advanced but geeky.  I now realise I was a bumbling amateur.  Have the information doesn’t mean I get easily find it.

This changed when I got to try Evernote this morning.  It feels a bit like Picasa for notes, enabling you to enter in a stream of tagged notes which can also be sorted into notebooks.  The kicker is that it can search images for likely matches of search terms and it’s extremely reliable, even for low quality mobile pics and handwriting.

This makes it a (slightly clunky) photographic memory and threatens the loose scraps of paper littering my workspace. I don’t have to file my notes; Evernote will throw up likely matches as I type into the search box.

Check the video below to see it in action:

I hooked it up to ShoZu which can automatically mail photos to Evernote in the background straight after taking them (flat-rate data plan essential).   Snap, forget and search.

I have 20 invites if you want to give it a spin.

3 thoughts on “Evernote

  1. I’ll check whether I have a flat rate data plan to make it really useful, but I’m keen too. Another classic example of being shown what you want…

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