Coworking Crawl

The map above shows the places in Brum that are ripe for informal coworking sessions, gleaned from the Cowork Brum Wiki. Look hard at those markers and you might see what Pete and I envisioned a few days ago: a coworking crawl!

So tomorrow (that’s Thursday 23 April) we’ll hit each place for an hour or two working out our trajectory as we go, starting with a breakfast place most likely. Anyone who wants to can drop in or out whenever. You can track us on Twitter, natch. A TWM travelcard might also be useful for keeping up.

I’ve never actually been to Jibbering Records so I’m looking forward to checking that one out. Any other places we should definitely hit?


UPDATE: We hit Kitchen Garden Cafe, Jibbering Records and Rooty’s in the end. Excellent write-ups provided by Pete Ashton and Pete Lewis. Michael Voong and Stef Lewandowski also popped up. The day was tweeted with the #brumcoworking hashtag.


3 thoughts on “Coworking Crawl

  1. How about opening that map up somehow so we can contribute locations?

    St.Paul’s Cafe in St.Paul’s Square was nice (and empty) the other day – free wifi too.

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