Bodding along

Fate seemed to be egging Bodder (the new name for Bodtracker) along yesterday.

Google started it by releasing  a couple of useful bits.  Google Search for Nokia was supposed to be a shortcut to the Google mobile search page but happened to also include a significant browser upgrade which made it easier to navigate pages with lots of links with a virtual pointer.  On top of this, they released an extension to Map API which makes it a doddle to generate static map images without scripting.  Very useful for embedding within mobile pages!

In Selly Oak, opposite the landmark Selly Sausage, there was a raid on the security van loading the cash machine.  I just missed it by about 10 minutes judging by the stream of police cars that streaked past whilst I was waiting for the bus.  When I got down there I took some pics on the mobile and used them in some on-the-spot Bodder reportage.  I also tried tweeting it via SMS but it didn’t seem to get through, reinforcing my impression of unreliability for this aspect of Twitter.

Hot desking at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIC) seems to be working out pretty well.  I can still access my university staff account on the wireless network via my laptop so I’m nicely set-up with a proper work environment.  This helps me stay focussed with the added bonus of being able to hobnob with some of the SPEED sparks.  Hoping I can enjoy their hospitality a while longer and maybe get some feedback on the evolving Bodder model.

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One thought on “Bodding along

  1. Who else is working in EIC? I like the idea of working in an environment with other clever people working on similar stuff… I think it’s one of the biggest advantages of having a “proper job”.

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