Bloggers Meet 2.0

The second Birmingham Bloggers meetup was last night and it was a very different beast to the last one.

I got there early with the idea of wearing my ol’ blue Blogger hoodie might be useful for physically tagging our end of the pub.  It’s also becoming nicely vintage, harking back from an era when blogging was brave, fresh-faced and no-one had heard of comment spam.

The meeting seems to have roughly doubled to about 20 from last time, including some big-time bloggers.  I guess the growth was down to a combination of a more central location (the Dragon Inn) plus the word getting out.  At this size it naturally relaxed into several small but mingling groups, more like a party than a debate.  The cheap Wetherspoons beer reinforced this convivial atmosphere which I saw Jon trying to capture on his mobile, perhaps for later vlogging.

Talked to lots of interesting and friendly bloggers, although not as many as I would have liked.  One month seems like an awful long time for the next meet.

4 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet 2.0

  1. I’m with you on that – a great night I thought! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat – maybe next time. I think you and I had the same idea on the ‘wear a visibly geeky tshirt’ – it wasn’t really necessary!

  2. Was great to see you again last night Si and to have a good chin wag before the two of us expanded into a group of 20. I know what you mean by not getting around to speak to everyone, there were a few people I was saying goodbye too at the end of the evening and hadn’t spoken to much beforehand. A month is a long time!

  3. Had a blast on Monday, although I paid the price of it (lost wallet the following day…now some cabbie has my credit card!). It was great to get together and put handshakes to avatars, even if nothing concrete was discussed.

    Definitely looking forward to the next meetup, as I think there were a few who wanted to be there but couldn’t, so it’ll be great to meet even more bloggers and increase my Twitter list even more!

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