[Edited by Moderator]

I could try and pretend that I’m linking to the Skins Blog as a case study in the unexpected consequences of a mediocre blog elevated to undue prominence on a hugely-regarded media platform.

Actually, it’s because it’s the funniest thing I’ve read this week. Not because of the original post which is is so-so. Skim through it to get enough of the flavour and then head down to the comments where the boy is sliced, diced and marinated overnight.

There’s an editor at the Guardian right now who has just given over their day to editing the comments so that they are merely hilariously abusive. Other comments are either calling nepotism by connecting the kid to a Guardian travel writer or boiling down his claim to be a Skins co-writer to a 10 minute Myspace clip. A friend who gallantly steps in gets equally acerbic treatment.

The result of this nepotism-meets-open-commenting experiment is the formation of some kind of distributed Charlie Brooker, a Sandman of cynicism. It’s awesome.

Thanks to Jon via del.icio.us/bounder for the early tip-off

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