I’ve clearly got too much time on my hands: the front page has had yet another sweep.

I’m fighting a geeky inclination to pile on the info and paste in every widget I can lay my hands on. I’d like to say that this is just about being open but too much me-and-mine and it starts to reek of egotism. Such stuff is rampant on Facebook but I’m hoping to make this site less introspective.

But then what’s the point of having myname.com? First and foremost, the site is a point of contact and a placeholder. On top of that, I’m not sure.

Do visitors visit my site for a snapshot of everything related to me a la Facebook? Or should it merely a dry listing or the web services I use? This hardly seems necessary when I use the same username for almost everything. Of course, it’s easy to merge this all together with something like Yahoo Pipes but who wants every damn thing? Stalkers?

Much better to let people discover and connect where they hang out. I would say it’s not so much about privacy as context. I can bear the thought that someone might see I’ve just listened to some cheesy 80s tracks but it doesn’t need to be on my front page.

I’ve put recent links, clippings and reads on the front page as well in mind of the kind of conversations which go:

Have the heard anything about the next generation iPod with touch screen?

I heard the next generation will have fingerprint recognition that locks the device to a single user.

That’s insane, impossible and immoral. Where did you read such implausible crap?

Check my delicious stream, username sixball

Your WHAT?

Go to my webpage.

3 thoughts on “lessofme.com

  1. Not made the banner at the top take someone to your main page though. Infact given I go direct to /blog I sometimes forget there is more to your website!

  2. Yeah, orangejon.com is basically just links to me elsewhere on the web, I only host the blog myself. I think it’s useful enough to justify its existence. People come for the photos but might end up reading my blog, etc.

    I think you should put your most recent blog entry titles and Flickr photo(s) on the front page. They’re more interesting than your delicious.

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