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Thursday night saw me at the first ever Birmingham Bloggers meet, organised by Nick Booth via a Facebook event.  I bussed in late and also missed the group on first scan (tucked away as it was in back of the Kitchen Garden Cafe) but once in the value of a face-to-face became very clear.  The discussion was hugely impassioned and informed.  Nick (of Podnosh), Jon (of Birmingham: It’s Not Shit) and many others made me wish I’d got there much earlier and made me reluctant to call it a night.  Can’t wait for the next one.

For me personally, it’s the proximity of a blogger rather than their place which is really interesting because there is an opportunity for real-life socialising and networking around something I am interested in, i.e. social media.  Dave  and Charlotte seem to feel the same.

There was another idea that, since most of us there were active bloggers and almost all were from Brum, we could promote Brum via our blogs.  This was spurred on by a recent article in the Guardian which gave a rundown of cities in the UK which are promoted by blogging communities — omitting Brum entirely.  Stef recorded a reaction in his write-up to the perception that Birmingham doesn’t have a decent blogging scene.

My own excuse for not writing about Birmingham because I’m not particularly well informed about any more that a tiny part of it, i.e. my immediate environment.  I don’t anticipate many of people who are interested in such a contribution stumbling upon it by Google-chance and it would probably be a bizarre tangent for the readers who are mostly from outside Brum.  The blogs I read from Birmingham bloggers also don’t tend to be about Birmingham.

A blog needs to have a consistent theme or at least some kind of character that defines what sort of posts are going to appear on it.  Readers return in the hope of seeing more of the same, earning the blog a following and authority over time.  Excellent blogs such as Created in Birmingham which specialises in the creative industries and Up Yer Brum which automatically aggregates (and rates!) tagged/submitted Brum-related posts concerning Brum might be the way to go rather than a nebulous cloud of (possibly) Brummie blogs.

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