Brum £5 App Inaugural meeting: write-up

After coming back from our inaugural £5 App Meeting last night I have to say I’m still buzzing. Before I expand on why, I want to say a couple of Big Thanks.

First to Cafe One for sponsoring the event and being such an ideal venue. I knew it was a funky cafe but they went to the trouble of providing mulled wine with the mince pies and took an interest that far exceeded anything I might have hoped for. Can’t wait to get back there.

Secondly to OrangeJon for recklessly taking on joint responsibility just a few days ago and shouldering the hosting tonight as I struggled to cram my girlfriends work xmas party into the same night and consequently arriving mid-discussion. I could have tried to give my talk at that point but the discussion was that vigorous that it would have been rather selfish. I’ll keep the talk for next month.

OrangeJon will be able to report on the earlier part of the meeting where he introduced the £5 App idea in the context of the Flukebox project he tried out in the last year. What I saw when I rolled in was a rare discussion between hardcore web geeks and people who were expert in marketing, design and social enterprise. It was gone midnight before all the discussion reluctantly ended (note to self: watch the clock when relying on public transport).

Things rolling of the top of my head…

We need to keep the same broad range of people as we scale up to keep this cross-fertilisation going on. This is the really exciting part for me, getting people with different skills together to open up possible collaborations.

We need to give people more prior warning. This time we gave people less than a week’s notice just because we wanted to make a start but some interested people already had plans. We’ll start promoting the next meeting just as soon as we can so you can get it in your diary.

We need to consider whether ‘£5 App’ is the best name for us here (and that’s not just because have a US keyboard and £ signs are fiddly!). We have to qualify it with ‘Brum’ to distinguish it from the original Brighton meetings and it’s a little obscure before it’s explained (i.e. it’s free and App is short for application. It’s about shooting out useful little web services). Views and suggestions welcome.

Anyway, roll on the next one! (whatever it’s called)

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2 thoughts on “Brum £5 App Inaugural meeting: write-up

  1. I vote for “Ten Pence Revolution”! I mean, we probably won’t start a revolution, nor do it for 10p, but perhaps it captures the spirit of the thing. Dot Com enthusiasm on a Dot Bomb budget 🙂

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