£5 App meetings come to Brum

So, we are bringing the £5 App model that I wrote about previously to Birmingham following the inspirational £5 App Day down in Brighton.

It’s short notice but Jon has managed to bag Cafe One on the evening of the 6th December.  It’s a nice, cosy venue with sofas and wireless and drinks.  Jon has also volunteered to give a candid talk on Flukebox, a SPEED funded project he worked on last year.  We’ll probably drop in a second talk as well, yet to be decided, maybe one of mine (see update below).

We have the event listing on Upcoming and Facebook.  Please sign up if you can to help us estimate numbers!

UPDATE: It looks like I’ll be talking about DesignBreeder (Creative, unique designs without the designer!)

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One thought on “£5 App meetings come to Brum

  1. Hey Si. As I said on Upcoming – I wish you luck, it is great that you’ve exported the idea to Birmingham and I hope your first night runs well!
    Do remember to take loads of pictures and to upload them to flickr 🙂

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