Google outing Facebook

Perhaps this blog is in danger of becoming Facebook obsessed but at least it’s consistent. I’ll do an ‘Evolutionary Optimisation For Dummies’ for balance later.

Anyway, I was heartened to read a report that Google is planning to ‘out open’ Facebook. This means taking on Facebook by offering more freedom and control to the user.

It always puzzled me why Google neglected the crucial realm of social networking whilst it was putting out dominant applications for mail, calendar, chat and feed reading. Okut is home-grown but clunky. It makes total sense if Google is really rethinking how social networks should operate and working on that rather than trying to out-Facebook Facebook.

So, I’ve just dusted off the old Orkut profile in anticipation and was pleased to see it is no longer ugly and unreliable. Not yet as polished as Facebook nor, of course, as ubiquitous but if it helps toward an open ideal then I’m ready to cut it some slack.

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