Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.

— Henry David Thoreau

My stuff on the web is leaking and duplicating all over the shop. My is embedded in my Facebook profile. My Flickr photostream is a contributory to my steaming tumblr along with random, recycled tidbits. Recent bookmarks and clippings are gathered on my homepage — along with Flickr photos.

It’s a mess.

It’s also a hot Friday afternoon so I’m ready to rationalise this schizophrenic web identity. Looking over the feeds, blogs and profile pages I can see some trends.

Facebook for Friends Only
My Facebook profile would like to be my e-mail, blog, photo, gallery, shared links, etc. But it’s not public. It’s at least restricted to Facebook members from my ‘networks’ (meaningless West Midlands currently) and much of it is only accessible to arbitrary acquaintances, aka ‘friends’. I don’t have complete control over what I can put in or how it’s displayed. But it does have that magical social graph which I will now ride purely for social larks. for Anything Public
Anything that might as well be public will be as embedded widgets on the hub. This will show recent Flickr photos, Reader clippings, links, LibraryThing books and my latest Bodtracker status. Along with Facebook, this will also link to public side-blogs and the Tumblr.

Tumblr for Random Tidbits
The Tumblr will no longer mash together all my outpourings but will be given over entirely to those random, recycled tidbits with maybe the odd quote thrown in. If you were getting everything through the tumblr feed before then you’ll have to subscribe individually now (or badger me into producing a merged feed with Yahoo pipes).

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