flirting with Google Reader

I looked at Google Reader for my feed-reading needs some time back but didn’t fancy the interface much. Since then it has been revised, tweaked and I’ve heard a few good things about it. So I’m going to give it another spin and neglect my trusty Bloglines for a week or two.

Transition is a pretty easy thing to do. Export OPML file with all my feeds and then import them into Reader. Twenty seconds, job done.

So, why the itchy feet? One glitch with Bloglines is the way it handles high-volume feeds. If I click on a folder with 100 unread items then it loads them and marks them read which commits me to reading them or risk missing them. If I don’t read them I’ll lose them as soon as I go elsewhere. So they stay unread, like an ominous stack of washing, until I either put aside half an hour to chew through them or just ditch the lot. Reader lets me dip in and skim a few off the top, marking them read only as I scroll past them.

Also, while Bloglines orders feeds into folders, Reader uses tags. This is another big deal for me when I have feeds that are ‘essential reading’ and by ‘friends’ and ‘funny’. I don’t want to have to make a decision where to put something and then try to recall that decision if I want to find it. I think this will be more important than the tagging in Gmail which I only rarely need to use.

I’ll report back when I’ve made up my mind about whether I’m sticking or switching. There are, of course, others I could also try but these seem like the biggies.

What do you use?

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