facebook gives twitter the bird

Facebook blogs about updating it’s status functionality. They didn’t mention everyone’s favourite new kid, twitter, but let’s look at some of those new features:

  • A brand new page to see all your friends’ updates at once
  • An RSS feed to put your friends’ updates in your reader of choice
  • The ability to subscribe to a friend’s updates via SMS
  • The ability to easily update status from your phone by sending an SMS to Facebook starting with the “@” character.

With this, Facebook essentially ensures that twitter in it’s current form remains the preserve of a community of alpha geeks. Not that they particularly grok updates, demonstrated by their late conversion to the third person and insistence on inserting that bothersome ‘is’.

Update: I ought to remember to technorati search before posting in future. Then I’d hear that facebook is gunning for twitter and facebook was twitter before there was twitter.

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