feed tumbling and rolling

I just added a link on my newly-tended front page to my page at tumblr. Ideal for stalkers, this brings together my blogs, photos and links in a single Si-centric stream. Now you can contain me to just one feed.

In setting this up I unearthed a small bug on the ‘Si is’ feed. That should be fixed now but it made me think about why I bother with rolling my own blog. There are lots of excellent blogging platforms out there built by people with far more commitment and knowledge than I have.

I think because it’s a personal blog I want to feel like I really own it. That means knowing how it works — and it’s quirks. It also gives me a real, working test bed to try stuff out, e.g. commenting, javascript, feeds, authentication, pagination and mod_rewrite. If I want to tweak it, it’s easy to do without worrying I’m going to break something. If I do break something, it’s easy to fix and so the site organically evolves with my knowledge. It’s an open-ended fun project.

4 thoughts on “feed tumbling and rolling

  1. its quirks… yes, it’s quirky. 😉

    Personally I’d rather use an “off-the-shelf” thing and hack it where necessary because I have a bit of a thing against re-inventing the wheel. But that said, I end up being a bit of a dumb user because diving in to change stuff usually seems a bit intimidating…

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