bookmark conversion

Someone asked me about bookmarks the other day and I described my setup: two types of bookmarks (neither of them stored with the browser).

The first are the regular ones that I’ve already used hundreds or even thousands of times. These are permanently displayed in a sidebar called Sitebar which is hosted on my site. They are automatically sorted by click frequency so that sites I use more regularly float to the top. The top of this list includes Gmail, Bloglines, Guardian, Flickr and BBC news – with Facebook coming up fast.

The other bookmarks are those I may no or may not look at a second time but I don’t want to lose and I may want to share. These are the ones that would swamp a bookmark hierarchy. I handle them with (although I hate the!). If I want to find them I can and if I get around to checking out furl and decide I prefer that, I can export them. No quibble.

I’d briefly looked at a Firefox extension a while back but it seemed shaky, didn’t seem to put my regular links in front of me and it didn’t allow private links. So I had to run these two systems in parallel.

With the new Firefox extension, all these issues have been resolved. It’s solid and privacy has been an option for a while now. Moreover, I can get a stream of ‘last added’ links in the sidebar and my most visited sites across the top in a toolbar. This gives me the two views on my bookmarks that I want and means I can essentially forget about having to order or clear bookmarks in future. Tag and forget.

This ranks with like adblock, firebug and fireFTP as one of the killer Firefox extensions I wouldn’t do without.

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