my google maps

Everybody loves the Google maps interface but until now you couldn’t draw on it.  Now you can (and then share them).

I plotted my cycle route into work and found it wasn’t as optimal as I thought.  I also found a couple of problems with the new feature that should have come out of basic testing.

  1. I can’t see the length of my route.
  2. The route doesn’t print.

Otherwise, this is a sweet, sweet extension that Google Maps has been crying out for.  Possibilities keep popping up in my mind to the sound of a dozen mashups becoming suddenly superfluous.

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3 thoughts on “my google maps

  1. hehe, i like that….i couldn’t think of anything to plot.

    new route keeps you off the bristol road more too.

    though i am curious to know why you’ve place marked somewhere in portugal too.

  2. Ooops – random holiday location leaked in there. Removed now. That was actually Spain; me trying to pinpoint Vigo University.

  3. A few others, too:

    * It’s not immediately obvious how to stop drawing the line
    * When you finish the line, the view returns to the start/middle (?), potentially hiding the dialog asking you for a name etc.
    * It’s a shame that clicking and dragging doesn’t create freeform lines, then I could use my stylus

    They obviously need to do a bit more testing…

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