facebook with a small 'f'

I got a txt (yeah, I write it like that consciously) from someone this evening about an upcoming event. They said if I were interested, they’d ‘facebook’ me the details.

They know my e-mail. They know my mobile. But their preferred means of sending out info to a group is via Facebook (and I don’t think they are going to set it as an event). I think this is significant.

Facebook is becoming a medium in it’s own right. It has the rich structure, interaction and size in place. It’s looking dangerously like becoming the social meta-web, or something. Will people start to talk about facebooking someone in the same way they google something?

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2 thoughts on “facebook with a small 'f'

  1. In the official website advert for an event in the students union here the date and time were up, with “for more details see facebook” as a link.

    Granted the event was run by a society or group so not as official as I had first thought, but yes I’d agree this one is gathering momentum.

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