Are you Simon Hammond?

Does the name ‘Simon Hammond‘ have a very personal significance for you?

Right up until the moment you typed it into Google did you fondly imagine that it was an almost unique thing? Do you sometimes wish you had control of, or Does it kinda freak you out seeing your name bandied about like this?

I manage both and, which is maybe a bit superfluous. So, here’s the deal: if enough are interested to make the effort worthwhile, I’d be ready to turn over to the entire community(?) of Simon Hammond’s as a hub of some kind — whatever you want (e.g. profiles, mail/web redirects, blog). I have the ability and the crazy inclination. Dave Gorman is probably partly to blame here.

The idea of setting up a virtual group for strangers with nothing more in common than the name with which they identify themselves deeply appeals to me. If you’d also get a kick out of joining one of the most exclusive groups on the Net, and optionally want to be easier to find on the web, then identify yourself below. I may need to see some ID later.

(You might want to pick a nickname to avoid future ambiguity.)

One thought on “Are you Simon Hammond?

  1. I’ve just really realised this idea may have been subconsciously triggered by the previous post title in a warped kind of way.

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