I noticed a week or two back that I started getting ‘reflected’ spam e-mails. These have been sent with spoofed random addresses from my domains and bounced back. Either the address is not valid or, more annoyingly, with a curt message from an anti-spam program asking me to verify myself. This is very smart except that it creates more damn spam. The hassle is just shifted onto my doorstep.

I guess I could install my own spam reflector asking their spam-relector to verify itself but I worry it could laser out of control as mail servers collapse under the weight of a million scripts checking each others credentials.

I’ll just disable the catch-all e-mail and hope for the best for now.

2 thoughts on “spamback

  1. or more worryingly (is that a word – looks like too many suffixes) your domain will be blocked and you won’t be able to send any genuine mail. Happened to a client of ours last week.

    Don’t really see what you can do about it though. What unsecure smtp are they using to send the mail in the first place?

  2. No clue as to the SMTP since this is not a reply. Only the bogus e-mail name is revealed.

    In other news, the spambot IQ test is currently 100% effective. Perps listed here

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