role refinement

UPDATE: I’m merging the prior content from into  It could use the extra posts and I don’t need the extra blog responsibility.  In future, will be the personal one.  I’m sure that’s nice and opaque.


I’ve been dithering. This site is really not as customisable as I’d like and after tweaking the proper one last night I thought this would probably have to be abandoned, just another ghost blog. Then, today, I wanted to blog a couple of sites and I realised what I could use this blog for: pointing out interesting things I’d come across on the web. Original, eh? I know.

So, this is the “Here, have a look at this – what d’ya think?” blog. Some kind of expanded link log, basically. Anything more substantial gets on and anything personal goes to

Maybe it’ll work? Or maybe I’ll get another post-midnight flash of inspiration and change it again…

2 thoughts on “role refinement

  1. hmm, remind me why can’t u just have one blog again? aside from hiding stuff from your supervisor? is he really gonna look/care? i’d be more worried about him finding out about that thesis word count!

  2. Xin definitely has better things to do than check my blog! Guess I’m just separating the web notes from the me notes for those not interested in both. Word count should be moving again soon after a bout of coding 🙂

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