site down, spawn blog

You might have noticed my web hosting was down at the weekend. It caught my attention at least. The problem was, predictably, a security hole in an old installation of a third-party piece of software that I’d not got round to deleting.

Having everything hanging on the hosting (bookmarks, blog, etc) meant that when it went down, it went down on its face. Suddenly, the advantages of an offsite blog administered by people more dedicated than me became clearer. Technically, this means I now have three blogs jostling for a niche, which may well be unsustainable.
I’m thinking:

  • will be the boring, formal one.
  • will become the random, geeky one.
  • will continue to be a semi-personal, sandbox.

The advantage of the wordpress host is that it should never go down, although it obviously won’t have the same flexibility as my own hosting. I’ll continue to upgrade my own WordPress which, by the way, is pretty cool and if it really starts to irk me I may consider shifting back.

I don’t have a lot of time right now, so I’m sticking with working, evolvable solutions rather than ideal, incomplete ones.

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