Real GoogleBot

I was visiting The Parents today and, seeing my mum rummaging around in the cupboards, I commented that she spends more time searching than Google. Aside from the light this casts on my skewed perspective, it quickly kicked off a train of thought.

Ideally, rather than rummaging around in the cupboards, garage and attic for items (or querying my dad) she should be able to google for it. This would clearly involve actually indexing the contents of the house continuously. An image of T.O.M., the robot from the classic 80s cartoon, Bertha pinged into my head at this point.

He’s already got the colours and the right sort of look. I can see him systematically going through the house, opening drawers and indexing the contents as soon as he is released into the house. Thereafter, he can just follow my mum around noting any changes and answering queries.

If he could also replace the half-dozen remote controllers at home that would be grand too.

Maybe something for Google Desktop 4?

2 thoughts on “Real GoogleBot

  1. Very funny 🙂

    Rather than Google Desktop 4, I would suggest to use the already existing Spotlight, your parent would then be living in an iHouse.

    More seriously this would solve the problem of database access. I have been living with Aubrey for more than one year and I discovered her brain-index-database is not accessible by me. As a result, when she left for holidays and I had to take over the house management, I found things that I thought having lost for ever (^.^)

  2. I think this would be the bane of all teenagers and anyone else who wants to hide stuff from their parent/child/significant other.

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