Yahoo swallows

Yes, it’s true. Yahoo has acquired It now has another desirable property (after flickr recently) on the Web2.0 Monopoly board.

I’m anxiously waiting to see how Yahoo will handle this early xmas present to itself. A flickr/ mash-up is an obvious and trivial move. The main thing will be moving tagged, online, bookmark sharing into the mainstream I presume. Maybe they’ll finally provide private links.

Yahoo clearly doesn’t mind buying services that trump its own:
Y! Photos and flickr
MyWeb2.0 and

I just went away to check out what Yahoo had in the way of streaming radio. It’s called LAUNCHcast and it likes to pop up with:


Sorry, we do not support Netscape on the Windows platform.

Error Code: 25 – 0

I predict a very merry xmas or Q1 for the boys at, in line with my previous mumblings.

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