The hugely underrated (formerly audioscrobbler) continues to extend its recommendations engine (or ‘giant computer brain’).

If you haven’t tried out this service, or you only tried audioscrobbler’s early shaky incarnation, then you really need to give it a spin. Be warned: you may not be able to go back to traditional radio with a fixed playlist, inane DJs and no skip feature. is clearly eligible for assimilation by Google, Yahoo, et al but I really hope they hold out. Despite the windfall I’m not convinced being bought up helps a small company unless it is financially threatened. Flickr handed out freebies and upped its limits after it was bought by Yahoo but still goes offline for the occasional ‘massage’ (suspicious and possibly smutty?).

It makes sense that being small and unshielded keeps a company keen and innovative. It also encourages them to develop their own character.

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