Waiting for a train at New Street a couple of days ago I killed a few minutes being entertained at a promo stall. T-mobile were plugging web’n’walk – y’know kinda like fish’n’chips or wash’n’go. I picked up one of the devices and tapped in an address, Oops – it timed out. Tried another. No joy. I caught the eye of one of the jolly attendants and we tried the BBC website. Not bucking a trend, it too failed to load. Luckily the helper had an explanation:

The BBC website is the busiest in the UK

The problem was compounded by the fact that:

All the display devices are running off the same power supply.

It’s not clear whether he thought these up on the spot or was reciting from the Official List of Lame and Implausible Excuses. Either way, it’s a reality check on the current state of mobile internet: unimaginative, marketing-driven bollocks.

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