e-mail problems

My current email strategy is to funnel everything into my gmail account. This means I only have one place to look for mail and I can access it with a minimum of fuss from anywhere. Gmail does a good job of filtering the spam and, try as I might, I can’t shift my usage above about 4% of the quota just with mail.

However, I realised a few days ago I had not received any email from simonhammond.com or any of my other domains lately. True enough, there was a problem. Turns out it’s impossible to forward the mail to gmail although I have no problem mailing my school account. I suspect the X-AntiAbuse header data but can’t see any way around it off the top of my head – any ideas?

Meanwhile, please use my gmail address (i.e. sixball) to contact me and resend anything sent to my domain in the last month or so.

3 thoughts on “e-mail problems

  1. I don’t know, I forward everything from my domains to my gmail account without any problems.. the spam filter isn’t good enough though, each day I have to tag-mark manually about 7 spams (out of about 50 a day that gets cought automatically).

  2. hmm, i’ve just realised this is similar to a problem i’ve been having, there is something odd here but i’m not sure it’s that clean cut.

    i forward my lunarpages account to gmail and then download the gmail in thunderbird (gmail didn’t get on with dialup – ajax or not).

    This seems to work fine, the problem is solely with gmail online and sending email to an account which is forwarded to yourself (which i am assuming is how you tested it).

    1) If you send email from your gmail online to an account which is forwarded to your gmail it never appears.

    2) However it is downloaded via gmail pop.

    3) If it’s sent from someone elses gmail account it works fine.

    4) If it’s sent from gmails smtp it works fine.

    Why it would do this I don’t know as your own gmail online to gmail works fine. Any ideas?

  3. Ok, I sent a test message from gmail to my work, yahoo and simonhammond mail accounts. All these should forward back to gmail but only the work and yahoo accounts actually managed it.

    Interestingly, mail actually sent from my yahoo account to simonhammond.com does make it through…

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