forking blog

I suppose all blogs follow paths. Some are very short cul-de-sacs with a skip at the end. Longer-lasting ones necessarily reflect the changing activities and outlook of the author. This blog has been sustained by the standard mixture of links, rants and observations. It’s even been adapted as a teaching aid for a little while.

All well and good when I can assume that the only people likely to be reading it are those I have a good chance of hitting with a well-aimed writing instrument. I know my readers and they are equally armed to give me feedback or drag me out for coffee or a film.

A problem arises as the blog becomes the front of and starts getting syndicated. Now I start thinking about ‘my audience’ and frankly it’s a bit of an inhibitor. Performance anxiety kicks in. I only want to publish stuff that I’m completely happy with and that takes time. Yet I still want to get everyday stuff down, the little things that punctuate the days and fill the space between sips of beer down the pub. Yeah, I could say screw it all, publish and be damned, but it seems to me that in real-life you speak more freely with those you know better — and blogging should reflect that. I could go ahead and use a blogger or livejournal account but I’d much rather have it all in one place under my name and my control.

To this end I’ve set up a page at (or or linked on the right) for disinhibited, everyday crap. Anything dangerously close to being significant or fully-baked is liable to being copied back here. A benefit of this is I get somewhere to put my personal info too, contact, plans, etc.

You don’t need a password (although it obviously helps!): answering si-centric questions will gain you varying degrees of access from corridor-nodding-aquaintance to knows-family.

Comments along the lines of ‘Stop wrangling over your blog and get back to your PhD’ fully expected and warmly welcomed!

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