CutePDF Writer

Presentations (e.g. Powerpoint) are often published on the web in PDF format. Unfortunately, a lot of Windows printer drivers (e.g. mine) will only permit one page per sheet which is a pain if it’s 60 pages but only 50 words a page. A little rummaging on the web turns up CutePDF Writer which includes the ability to print multiple pages per sheet. You select it like a printer and it prompts you for a filename where it sends the processed PDF.

I’ve already used it to save paper/ink and make presentations more perusable. I’ll use it future for any presentations I publish too. It’s free and claims to have no evil hidden extras.

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One thought on “CutePDF Writer

  1. Well… really all you need is a copy of XP and a PDF printer driver. There are a few available based on Ghostscript and the like. You hit “Print”, select the appropriate “virtual printer” and Bob’s your uncle.

    Quick plug: Macs have this as standard print dialog behaviour.

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