trialling yahoo 360

Yahoo has now clambered into the whole blogging and social networking scene with its limited-access beta release of yahoo 360. A lot of it, of course, we have seen before. The fave books, movies and quotes profile ballast are duplicated endlessly around the web. The gallery and lists are also stuffing which are nice but in no way novel. The ‘blast’ is a nice touch and ought to be developed.

The really interesting aspects of 360 actually arises from scale. Many, many people use, know and trust Yahoo. A fraction of them would comprise a formidable social network and social networks are only worthwhile if they are widespread. Many people will also start blogs and a few will even continue them. If yahoo could learn to relax the strict, heavy format of its spaces to encourage individual creativity then it could do really well. It could ask flickr (its latest acquisition) about having self-organising networks of users shaping the service.

My real home will always be since I enjoy the luxury of total control and freedom. For bods who don’t mind the prededefined format of 360 this could be a good way of establishing a personalised patch of web. I’ve got an experimental site at 360 and will hand out invites (or ‘connections’) to whoever wants one — provided I don’t get bombarded…

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