trillian v3.0

…is out. I’ll take any excuse to ditch MSN messenger and, as excuses go, Trillian is an excellent one. Not had time to evalute it properly but it definitely feels like it has more useful features and less gimmicky ones.

For example, one optional feature is to have any words found in wikipedia underlined in green. Roll the mouse over this and the relevent entry pops up for on-the-spot enlightenment. I predict MSN will include this feature (to Encarta) in a couple of years time, if they are smart. It sometimes give interesting results. Did you know the ‘hehe‘ is a tribe of chiefdoms of Tanzania?

Just in case you are not familiar with Trillian, it’s a multi-messenger; it works with MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ and AOL, tying them all together with one neat interface. Give it a spin.

Categories: web

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